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Excuses, Excuses

This blog post should have been written a week ago. In fact, it was at the top of my to-do list. But in the week that passed, my to-do list developed its own to-do list and the blog post that I meant to write in all earnestness, remained an intention yet to be transformed into reality. It is the same story with us all. We start out with great resolve, ready to join that gym class, call that long-lost friend or write that story that has been growing in your mind since what feels like forever. But then Life happens- your boss is breathing down your neck with a deadline, your kid develops a cough that shows no chance of persisting, your significant other suddenly makes everything only about them and those great intentions are lost in the quagmire that ensues.

I had bought those fancy gym clothes, a pair of weights and a fitness band in the excitement of wanting a fitter lifestyle. After a month of waking up before sunrise and sweating it out, I shed a few pounds and felt lighter and more flexible than I had felt in a long time. But then, my son had to undergo an emergency surgery and there was no way I could get some dedicated time for exercise. Forget exercise, I lost sleep too. Add to it, managing a full house and the stress of work, I was a mess.

My story is a familiar one to many women who are like fiddlers on a roof, trying to scratch out a tune while keeping their balance. Very often, it is that sweet tune that is lost in the effort to juggle it all. Very often, it is our own health that is compromised when we try to retain a firm grasp over the reins of our marriages, our children and our career. It took an alarming medical report for me to pause from the rat race I was running and realise the importance of doing things for myself before I did it for anyone else.

Me-time matters if we are to stay sane amidst the craziness of Life. Finding time to move makes a difference, even if it is dancing while scrambling eggs in the kitchen or taking your dog for a walk. That early morning pilates or that dance class that you have been thinking of joining, might just be your stress-buster and a way to reconnect with yourself.

As for me, while I am back to dragging myself out of bed at sunrise, I have learnt that it is important to show up for myself. There will always be a million things that vie for my immediate attention, but I have decided that my priority on my to-do list will remain me. As far as self- love goes, You do you.


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