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Our Story

Soluna, a word derived from the Latin words "Sol" meaning sun and "Luna" meaning moon, encapsulates the essence of finding harmony between light and dark, positivity and negativity, and self and others. It represents the delicate balance that tips the scales back to the center.

It was the pursuit of this balance between career and passion that led Ruth D'Roza and Mathai Tharakan, the founders, to make a life-changing decision—to leave behind the bustling city life of Bangalore and embrace the open, inviting spaces of Goa. Mathai's extensive experience as a fitness coach, working with over 300 women above the age of 30, opened their eyes to the need to provide opportunities to reset and find balance for women who gracefully juggle multiple roles in life.

From countless conversations and profound insights, The Soluna Experience was born.


Our vision is to create safe havens for women travellers, empowering them to explore the world, build a healthy relationship with fitness, and embark on new and exciting experiences—all while fostering meaningful connections and friendships along the way. After all, isn't balance the most crucial element of a juggling act?

At The Soluna Experience, we are committed to curating transformative journeys that allow women to reclaim their sense of self, discover their inner strength, and embrace the joys of travel.

Join us as we embark on a remarkable adventure of balance, growth, and connection.

Meet the Team

Tara Mathew
Bangalore, India

Sustainabilty leader

My Soluna Experience covered all the elements I typically invest months researching for an enriching holiday – unique experiences in nature, a deep dive into local culture and cuisine, a private music gig, a great meal in an exclusive restaurant, and, most importantly, the pleasure of getting back to a place that feels special and aspirational. A lofty expectation? Not for Soluna. 

They effortlessly met high expectations, ensuring that from the moment I landed at the airport, I was taken care of.  They’ve recognised the nuanced needs of resilient women, understanding the boundaries we're willing to stretch and the essentials we refuse to compromise. One of the highlights of my Soluna experience was engaging with other like-minded and strong women, fostering connections through activities and conversations that expanded my own perspectives. It's an ode to those seeking a blend of fun, personal growth, and profound insights – an exploration into life and self.

Madhuri Branganza
Bangalore, India

Actor I Special Educator 

A must do! I had the best & most fulfilling time. It is adventurous, super fun and extremely relaxing at the same time. The organizers Matt and Ruth are a joy to be around and they take care of every little detail. Try it for yourself.

Shivani Daga
Kolkata, India


Its never about the place, its about the people you travel with. Mathai and Ruth are such folks, great host and super warm people. They go all miles to make sure you are comfortable !

All I did was packed my bag and reached goa, from there it was an amazing 5 days experience ! From staying at a beautiful villa , sumptuous food, unexplored places and activities, everything was sorted. One huge differentiator of this trip from other group trips that I have seen is there was no rush or not feeling the need to constantly being on your toes. The best part was "you could be you" ! I met such wonderful women on this trip from different walks of life and each one of them certainly inspired me in some way ! If i had to summarize my trip in two words it was Serene and Fun ! Thanks Mat and Ruth for an experience I would never trade off for anything :)

Tanya Thadikaran
Kochi, India

Consultant, News Anchor

All Women travellers - this should be on your bucket list! A
Memorable experience with the best hospitality- tasty homemade well
Curated food - luxury accommodation and the kindest hosts who pay keen attention to detail and comfort.
Activities include wellness, fitness, relaxation, meeting new people and experiences to last a lifetime!
Feel so rejuvenated and inspired!

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